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How To Activate Delsey Luggage

How To Activate Delsey Luggage

Delsey is a famous brand of travel gear that provides different stylish yet functional luggage. Although activation as a description for luggage may be strange, it commonly denotes establishing and taking advantage of those aspects that are unique about Delsey. In this guide, I will look into the steps necessary in activating the different features commonly available, enabling you to enjoy your new companion on any trip.

1. TSA-approved Lock Activate on Delsey Luggage

If you are looking for how to unlock delsey luggage tsa007.The TSA-approved combination locks are primarily featured in Delsey luggage when you travel. To set your unique combination on delsey luggage.

.Use the Delsey-provided default combination to open the lock.

.It has a reset button, usually on the lock’s side or bottom.

.Choose your combination and press and hold the reset button.

.Push down the reset button to activate the new combination.

how to unlock Delsey luggage tsa007

2.Securi-tech Zip on Activate Delsey Luggage

The second methods on activate delsey luggage is Delsey’s Securi-tech Zip feature ensures additional security for your luggage. To activate:

.Zip your suitcase as usual.

.Close and lock the zipper into its point.

.Ensure you set the combination lock if your model features a combination lock associated with the zipper.

3.Tracking System for Activate Delsey Luggage

For Delsey models equipped with advanced tracking capabilities:

.Download the dedicated application to your smartphone.

.Pair the luggage as instructed by the app.

.Enable tracking using the app and ensure you can trace your luggage with ease.

4.USB Port Activation:

The last one to  activate delsey luggage is Usb Port. Some Delsey suitcases come with a USB built-in to charge devices.

.Insert your device’s charging cable into your suitcase’s USB port.

.The bag should have some sort of power source, whether it is from batteries or a power bank.


The Delsey luggage is not only about the style but the experience you get by using its advanced features. Following these activation steps will reveal the Delsey suitcase’s full potential for a smooth and secure trip. Read your model user manual for more information, and walk the world with your Delsey friend. Safe travels!


How do you unlock your Delsey luggage for the first time?

  • 1. Locate the default combination provided on a card or tag included with your Delsey luggage.
  • 2. Enter the default combination on the lock’s dials to unlock it.
  • 3. Find the reset button, typically located on the side or bottom of the lock.
  • 4. While holding the reset button, set a new combination of your choice.
  • 5. Release the reset button to confirm the new combination and your Delsey luggage is now unlocked with the updated code.


What is the default lock code for Delsey luggage?

The default lock code for Delsey luggage is 0-0-0. This is the factory-set code that will open the lock when you first receive your luggage. You can change this code to a more personalized combination if you like.

How to repair Delsey luggage?

If you are looking for Delsey repair near you, repair center, or how to repair my Delsey luggage, then follow these steps,

  1. Visit  this official repair center page of Delsey
  2. Scroll down; you can see service and repair locations
  3. Enter your location zip code or address 
  4. Press enter 

It will display a repair center near you.


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