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8 Steps To  Get Lost Luggage Back From Airport

How To Get Lost Luggage Back From AirportA few days ago I lost my luggage bag at the airport. At that time, I did not feel good because I had some personal documents in my bag and did not want to lose them. What did I do then, and how did I recover my lost luggage bag? 

Imagine if you are traveling somewhere and your airline lands at the airport and the air hostess announces that we have safely reached your destination. You feel happy that you have reached the airport or your desired destination when you come out from the airline and are waiting to receive your luggage, but you can’t see your luggage in the luggage carousel. What you can do is think about how to find lost luggage. So that’s why I wrote this article to help you to find your luggage suitcase.

1. Contact airport staff

The first step you can take is to contact the customer service department of the airport and provide them with your bag tag or luggage tag reference number, which was given to you in the check-in process before your departure time, and also give them a detailed description of your luggage bag’s appearance like color, which type of luggage tag you were used, etc. it helps the airport staff to locate it more quickly.

2. Get a Property Irregularity Report (PIR)

Let’s talk about the property irregularity report (PIR), what it is, and how you can get the (PIR). It is a document drawn by a tracing agent at the airport in the presence of a passenger to report missing or lost luggage. It contains a unique reference number that you can use to track your suitcase or bag. Make sure you can take a copy of (PIR).

3. Use Airline Tracking System

How can you track your baggage or suitcase? Most airlines have a tracking system that allows the passenger to monitor the status of their missing luggage. Take your mobile, visit the airline’s official website, and enter your reference number from your PIR to know the status of your baggage.

4. Contact lost & found department of the airport 

You can also visit the lost and found department of the airport. Sometimes, the luggage bag is located within airport premises and is not immediately associated with a specific airline. Provide them with your reference number and details of your baggage.

5. Be Persistence and Follow Up 

You must stay in touch with the lost and found department of the airline regularly to inquire about any updates. The persistent is a key when it comes to retrieving your lost luggage and getting follow-up from the lost and found department of the airline.

6.Know The Compensation Policy of The Airline

How much money will you get if the airline loses your luggage? Airlines have specific policies regarding the compensation for lost luggage. Familiarize and research yourself with the compensation policy of the airline you flew with.

7.Insurance Claims

If you have travel insurance, check the coverage for lost luggage. Submit a claim with all necessary documentation, including the PIR, receipts for essential items purchased, and any communication with the airline regarding the loss. Insurance can provide additional financial support.

8.Chances of Recovery

What are the chances of finding lost luggage? The chances of finding lost luggage vary based on several factors, including the efficiency of the airline’s tracking system, the accuracy of the information you provide, and how quickly you report the loss. Statistics show that a significant percentage of lost luggage is eventually with its owners.


I know losing luggage is a stressful experience, still, by taking proactive steps and being informed about the process, which I share with you in this article above. It can significantly increase the chances of recovering your missing or lost luggage. Utilize the above procedure from 1 to 8 and stay connected with the airline’s lost and found department.


How does luggage get lost?

Luggage often gets lost during air travel due to misrouting and transfer errors, especially in the case of tight flight connections. The size and complexity of large airports contribute to baggage mishandling, and security checks can result in temporary separations. Human error, unforeseen circumstances like weather disruptions, and occasional technology glitches are additional factors. Despite these challenges, airlines have advanced systems to track and reunite passengers with their belongings.

Do airlines usually find lost luggage?

In general, most luggage will be found, so they get classified as “delayed” and not “lost.” But in that immediate time when you’re without your belongings, there should be some level of compensation, depending on the exact nature of your situation.

How long does it normally take to get lost luggage back?

It depends on several factors, including the airline, the airport, and the efficiency of the baggage handling system. It usually takes 24 hours; in some cases, bags that are delayed and make it back to the passenger in 3 to 7 days.

How much money do you get for lost luggage?

It is very unfortunate that your luggage cannot be located. You already know the compensation policy of the airline. The compensation amount varies depending on the value of the lost item.  

Does most luggage get found?

Yes, the majority of lost luggage is eventually found and returned to its owners. The global airline industry has invested significantly in improving baggage handling systems and tracking technologies, which has contributed to a high rate of successful luggage recovery.

Why is lost luggage so common?

The common reasons for luggage are sometimes the workers don’t have enough time to move the bags to the airline, the other case, maybe the robots accidentally place the bags in the wrong containers and the incorrect tagging at check-in.

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